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Phone Consultation from Astrologer Dr. Praveen Jain Kochar Ji 

Get a Phone Consultation with in 24 Hrs in any subject related to Business, career, marriage, dispute, education, health , love etc & Learn from Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji what it takes to be at the pinnacle of your success. We know sceptics will raise their eyebrows putting a serious question mark on our motive here. But, that doesn’t change the reality! Like the five fingers on our hand there are people who love doubting Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji who have proved his mettle time and again in the domestic as well as the overseas markets on a range of subjects. His portfolio of expertise includes but NOT limited to the following.

  • ·         Numerology
  • ·         Astrology
  • ·         Tarot Reading
  • ·         Vaastu Consultancy
  • ·         Real estate & share market investments
  • ·         Palmistry

Mixing of numerology with astrology (a whole new cult initiated by Dr Praveen Jain Kochar)

We claim excellence in our customer service. In today’s time customer alias client (in our parlance) is the king. We at Dr Praveen Jain Kochar follow this wholeheartedly. You will therefore have a homely feeling always while seeking remedies through us.


We are different:


We understood many years back that being just another fortune teller would not bring any difference to your life. As such, we strove for innovation. Our efforts have paid off well for the people across many countries in the world.


Case specific solution: We are pragmatic in our approach. We listen to you carefully, analyse your case from different angles and then, come back to you with the most suitable solution that summarily works wonder. As a matter of fact, you can expect a sea change in your life and over the happenings in your business or profession. That’s a Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji promise!


R&D (Research & Development): We at Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji have done qualitative and quantitative researches over the years, precisely over the last 33 years. We undertake each case with equal priority and sincerity. In the process, we have carved out a niche for us in your heads and hearts.


Brand Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji: To begin here, it is customary to mention that a brand is a collective perception about a person or enterprise that people usually carry in their heads and hearts. We at Dr Praveen Jain Kochar Ji have come to be known as a brand with impeccable market value. The long haul of our satisfied clients and their testimonials stand tall here.


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Frequently Asked Questions  


 Are these reports accurate?

You can be assured we are committed to providing you with accurate information regarding your horoscope chart analysis and the required predictions. Over the years, we have garnered praise and earned loyal customers as we have provided them with accurate predictions and other astrological information.


To give you further insight, your horoscope is analyzed in great detail by our empanelled expert astrologers and the predictions generated go through rigorous levels of quality checks before the final report is sent to you. This ensures you receive the right information and highly accurate reports.   


 How will this service/Pujan help me change my future?

We can surely guide you to make better decisions for future. Astrology is a delicate branch of science that helps you selects the right path in life with predictions so that you can mend your errors, and start afresh. It is important for you to know that it is you who is in charge of your future and destiny. Astrology predictions/pujas help you realize & exploit your true potential and make decisions accordingly. 


 Is my personal information safe and confidential?

Of course! We do not share or reveal your personal details to any third party at any cost. It is only used when you approach us with a requirement. You can be assured it is kept 100% confidential.


Every piece of information shared by you is sacrosanct to us and is never sold or shared to any third party under any circumstances. We take great measures to protect the privacy of our patrons and customers. Hence, when it comes to sharing information even internally, limited information is shared with them on a ‘need-to-know’ basis only. For e.g. if an astrologer requires only your date of birth, only your DOB is shared.   


 Is "Ask a Question" helpful for specific problems?

You can ask us any question regarding your life or business that troubles you or needs any clarification. However, if you think asking one question will not help you much and instead wish to get a long-term insight, you can opt for a detailed report for specific problems or opt for long duration reports (e.g. 1 year, 2 years or 5 years).


Further, you can browse through our entire list of services and pick whatever you feel is right for you here  


 Are my payments details secure?

Yes, your payment details are 100% secure. We use highly secure SSL enabled payment gateway with 256 bit encryption to safeguard your payment information.

Phone Consultation from Dr. Praveen Jain Kochar

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