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We all experience difficult times when we need help.

If you ask for help it will come in interesting ways. Helping hands are never far away. Just ask and it comes. It may be a friend or a stranger on the street that mentions a few words that you can relate to, it is all help. Rejoice in how it comes.


This is your opportunity to seek guidance

...about a certain issue, situation or problem that presently surrounds you. You may fear the future or the past but it is the present that can make a difference right now for a brighter future. This site does not aim to be a cure or hand the solution on a silver platter because it is through experience and living life that we are able to see and learn the truth.


Open your mind gain a greater understanding about your present situation that is presently causing discomfort. New experiences will come into your life and you will see life differently in your present situation.

  • change your life


...and it’s important to pack your ego away when reading the guidance.


To acknowledge that help is needed is the first step but being stubborn or closed off to receiving it will only mean help offered is wasted.


Help can come in many forms but if you are unable to recognise it then that is sad because people truly want to help.


To ask for assistance or guidance is not an admission of failure or defeat it is actually a sign of success.


Don’t compare yourself to others because we are looking at your experiences and your life and we are here to help you now.

Frequently Asked Questions  


 Are these reports accurate?

You can be assured we are committed to providing you with accurate information regarding your horoscope chart analysis and the required predictions. Over the years, we have garnered praise and earned loyal customers as we have provided them with accurate predictions and other astrological information.


To give you further insight, your horoscope is analyzed in great detail by our empanelled expert astrologers and the predictions generated go through rigorous levels of quality checks before the final report is sent to you. This ensures you receive the right information and highly accurate reports.   


 How will this service/Pujan help me change my future?

We can surely guide you to make better decisions for future. Astrology is a delicate branch of science that helps you selects the right path in life with predictions so that you can mend your errors, and start afresh. It is important for you to know that it is you who is in charge of your future and destiny. Astrology predictions/pujas help you realize & exploit your true potential and make decisions accordingly. 


 Is my personal information safe and confidential?

Of course! We do not share or reveal your personal details to any third party at any cost. It is only used when you approach us with a requirement. You can be assured it is kept 100% confidential.


Every piece of information shared by you is sacrosanct to us and is never sold or shared to any third party under any circumstances. We take great measures to protect the privacy of our patrons and customers. Hence, when it comes to sharing information even internally, limited information is shared with them on a ‘need-to-know’ basis only. For e.g. if an astrologer requires only your date of birth, only your DOB is shared.   


 Is "Ask a Question" helpful for specific problems?

You can ask us any question regarding your life or business that troubles you or needs any clarification. However, if you think asking one question will not help you much and instead wish to get a long-term insight, you can opt for a detailed report for specific problems or opt for long duration reports (e.g. 1 year, 2 years or 5 years).


Further, you can browse through our entire list of services and pick whatever you feel is right for you here  


 Are my payments details secure?

Yes, your payment details are 100% secure. We use highly secure SSL enabled payment gateway with 256 bit encryption to safeguard your payment information.

Free Spiritual Guidance

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