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Office Vastu

Office Vastu

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Map Consultation for Residence, Industry or Office by Dr Praveen Jain Kochar

Attune your Living Space with your Inner Space.Neutralize Harmful Effect of Vãstu faults. 4Reme..

Rs.2,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,100

Map Consultation for Residential

Space Energy healing is the New Age Vaastu which scans the energies of a place by energy scanning a..

Rs.1,100 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100

Site Visit for Vastu Solutions by Dr. Praveen Jain Kochar

4Remedy Vãstu  -Sanctification of living and working SpaceAt the end there is a little excerpt..

Rs.21,000 Ex Tax: Rs.21,000

Vastu for Industrial Space by Dr. Praveen Jain Kochar

Requirement for the analysis: Layout of Industry/office/shop, Nature of business, Your personal natu..

Rs.4,100 Ex Tax: Rs.4,100