Rudraksha for Diseases

Rudraksha for Diseases

Diseases can be controlled easily when a man's thought is streamlined, becomes fearless, calms down, and maintains a positive thinking. Rudraksha affect the thought and mind immediately by making him calm and positive. As a man keeps on wearing it, it keeps on to clean the mind and thought making him physically strong, fearless, lucky and disease free.

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BP Bracelet - 1

Bracelet for Blood Pressure, General Health, Memory enhancer, Diabetes, stomach disorders, also a g..

Rs.775 Ex Tax: Rs.775

BP RCure

Reduces BP count, increases health. Blood pressure are better controlled  Importance> Reduc..

Rs.2,000 Ex Tax: Rs.2,000

Cancer Cure by Rudraksha

Cancer Cure Gives relief in CancerProduct image    Product imageImportance> Gives..

Rs.25,000 Ex Tax: Rs.25,000


ONE FACED RUDRAKSHA (Deity, Param Shiva) : It represents lord Shiva and its possessor is blessed w..

Rs.2,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,100

Rudraksha for Addiction cure

Addiction cureHelps to ease psychological dependency on psychoactive substances. Also helps in Behav..

Rs.7,300 Ex Tax: Rs.7,300

Rudraksha for Back Pain Relief

Gives relief in Spondolysis back pain, joint paint, pain in bone jointsImportanceGives relief in Spo..

Rs.8,000 Ex Tax: Rs.8,000

Rudraksha For Diabetic Cure

Diabetic CureGives relief in Diabetes.ImportanceGives relief in Diabetes. ConfigurationOne mal..

Rs.5,000 Ex Tax: Rs.5,000

Rudraksha for Digestive cure

Rudraksha for Digestive cureGives relief in Digestion problem, eases indigestion.Gives relief in Di..

Rs.8,000 Ex Tax: Rs.8,000

Rudraksha for Eye Nose Throat cure(ENT)

Rudraksha for Eye Nose Throat cure(ENT) Gives sure relief from ENT problems.All those sufferi..

Rs.1,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500

Rudraksha for Head ache cure

Rudraksha for Head ache cure Gives good sleep and eases headache.Product image    Pr..

Rs.4,000 Ex Tax: Rs.4,000

Rudraksha for Kidney cure

Rudraksha for Kidney cure Gives relief in Kidney problemImportanceGives relief in Kidney probl..

Rs.10,000 Ex Tax: Rs.10,000

Rudraksha for Livo cure (Liver)

Rudraksha for Livo cure (Liver) Gives relief in Liver diseases. Helps in removing the enzymes..

Rs.1,100 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100

Rudraksha for Muscle Easer

Rudraksha for Muscle Easer Gives relief in muscle stretch, muscle hardness, uneasy after work..

Rs.5,400 Ex Tax: Rs.5,400

Rudraksha for Pile Cure

Rudraksha for Pile Cure Piles may occur because of long obesity, aging, irregular exercise et..

Rs.3,200 Ex Tax: Rs.3,200

Rudraksha for Sex Energy

 Rudraksha for Sex Energy Gives relief in Impotency, feeling of sexual underperfomancePr..

Rs.21,000 Ex Tax: Rs.21,000

Rudraksha for Skin Easer

Rudraksha for Skin Easer Gives relief in skin diseaseProduct image    Product imageI..

Rs.6,000 Ex Tax: Rs.6,000

Rudraksha for Sleeping Pill

Rudraksha for Sleeping Pill Gives relief in Sleep disorderProduct image    Product i..

Rs.5,500 Ex Tax: Rs.5,500

Rudraksha for Stress Remover

 Rudraksha for Stress Remover Boosts self confidence and will power to remove depression..

Rs.10,000 Ex Tax: Rs.10,000


TWO FACED RUDRAKSHA (Deity: Ardhanareeshwar) : Two faced Rudraksha represents goddess Parvati and ..

Rs.1,100 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100