Vastu Tips for Bedroom Mirror Placement

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Vastu Tips for Bedroom Mirror Placement

Who is the fairest of all?
"Mirror, mirror on that wall...who is the fairest of them all?" remember this iconic dialogue from Snow white and the seven dwarves? The magic mirror played an important role helping the evil queen unwillingly bring harm Snow white in the fairytale. Stories apart, a mirror has always been a part of our vanity. It reflects the person we want to see.

Maintaining harmorny
Mirrors have a lot of significance as per Vastu. It is important that the mirror in our bedroom or bathroom be placed as per Vastu to ensure harmony between the couple. If the mirror is placed in the children's room, it should be placed in a way that it should not obstruct their concentration.

How to place the mirror in the bedroom
When installing a mirror in the bedroom or in the adjoining dressing room of the bedroom, ensure it is placed at four or five feet. Such a placement is important because the image of the person standing or the image of the bed should be reflected in the mirror.

No transparency!
The window panes and doors in the house, especially the bedroom door should not be transparent.

Veil the TV
When installing a television or a home theatre system, ensure it is placed in the south-east direction only and once installed, keep them covered do the mirror image of their screen is not visible. This is because an unveiled monitor or TV screen tends to make the home owners lethargic.

Placement of mirrors
As per Vastu, any type of mirror in the home should be placed or hanged on the walls in the East or North direction.

Avoid shiny things
It is best to avoid keeping any piece of glass or any shining substance at the main gate of the house.

Avoid east-facing direction
It is not advisable to place a glass or a mirror in the East facing the direction. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid light from other homes falling on your home or your office area. This is because such light falling on your property is considered inauspicious as it can harm your success

Placement of showpieces
Objects like an aquarium, glass showpieces or wall clock should be placed in the north or east direction.

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