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Over View Description of Your Personalised Report 

Mercury is the lord of number 5. Number 5 is the Radical number of the peple born on 5th, 14th or 23rd day. The sum remains in Sayan and transits over Gemini and Virgo during the period from 22nd May to 21 st June and from 24th August to 23rd September. However, according to Indian theory, the Sun transits over Gemini and Virgo during the period from 15th June to 15th July and then from 17th September to 16th October. Gemini and Virgo are signs of Mercury. Therefore, Mercury puts its influence much over the people born during these periods.


People born on these dates happen to be sociable and they are keen to make people their friends. They become close to the people born on 5th, 14th or 23rd day of a month. They are interested in business more than the other jobs. They are very much impetuous. They are fast also and they like to accomplish their job quickly. They do not worry much for something against them nor do they repent for a thing they have done wrong. They excuse those who create problems for them. They happen to be irritable and angry. They do mental work much that weakens their nervous system and hence they become weak. They also suffer from epilepsy during their old age.


Being influenced by their Radical number, these people prefer business to any other job. If in service, they like the job of accountancy, machinery, commerce etc. They like to work in company, factory etc as well.


They are eloquent and possess a fine reasoning due to the influence of Mercury. They impress the person before them very tactfully. They like to accomplish their job quickly and try to adopt such type of job that may earn them much profit in a short span of time. They are impetuous and fast. While in haste, they have, sometimes, to face losses.


They become angry because mentally they are not steady. They like to do mental work much. This causes them mental exhaustion and they may suffer from problems in nervous system. They may possess attributes of Mercury as it is the lord of Radical number 5. They are very much interested in teaching, learning and writing.


These natives make people their friends. People born on 5th, 14th, or 23 rd day of a month prove to be the close friends of these natives. It is hard to impress them as their reasoning is fine. They are always tense and stimulated. Their friends maintain friendship till their death. They are adept in taking decision and behave emotionally. They avoid physical labour, and try to have a source that may earn them a lot in a short span of time. They find new ways of earnings very easily. They are keen in taking risks in their business. They prefer business and take interest in the business of stock exchange.


They get rid of the troubles and hardships by their tact very easily. They are not perplexed by the troubles that crop up before them. Like their birth planet, they are unsteady. If they are mild by nature, they prove to be so; and wicked if they are wicked. No lesson can change them.


They use their mental power so much that make them lose their mental equilibrium. They become irritated whenever they have to face some tense situation. They cannot digest anything to be kept secret.


The calendar years sum totals of which are 5,3, 9 prove to be very eventful for these people due to the influence of Radical number 5. The years influenced by Radical number 5 are-2003, 2012, 2021, 2030, 2039, 2048, 2057, 2066 and 2075; 2001, 2010,2019,2028,2037,2046,2055,2064, and 2073, under the influence of Mitrank 3 and 2007,2016,2025, 2034, 2043, 2052, 2061,2070 and 2079 under the influence of Mitrank 9.


Numbers 3 and 9 are the friends of the people having number 5 as their Radical number. Numbers 5,3 and 9 playa vital role in the life of these people. Numbers 1, 6, 7 and 8 give mixed results whereas 2 and 5 are their enemies. The days, dates, months and years associated with number stated above shower their influence over these people.


Dull yellow and dazzling white colours are favourable for them, though other light shades are also auspicious. They should not use deep colour. Clothes, furniture, shades used on the walls of the house and upholster should be of colours stated earlier. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the most favourable days for these people and they should start important and new ventures on these days. The days will prove more favourable if the dates 5th, 14th and 23rd fallon them. Periods from 21 st May to 23rd June and them fron 21 st August to 24th September are much favourable.


The 5th, 14th, 23rd, 41 st, 50th, 59th, 68th and 77th years are important for these people. According to Astrology, Mercury showers its absolute effects during the 23rd year of age. According to Indian theory they should wear emerald in a gold ring on Wednesday in the little finger in such a way that it touches the body. According to Cheiro, these people should start their ventures on the days associated with their own numbers. It means that they should start their project on 5th, 14th and 23rd date of a month or in between 21 st May and 20-27th September. These two periods are the periods of number 5. Wednesday and Friday are their lucky days. The days become more effective if their numbers fallon them.


All shades of gray, white and dazzling colours are lucky for them. They can wear clothes of any colour, though it will be better for them to choose light colours.


Diamond is lucky for them. They should wear platinum or silver ornaments. If possible, they should wear diamond in platinum in such a way that it touches the body.


According to Sepharial, number 5 keeps vibrating the people, whose radical number is 5. Numbers 1,6,7 and 8 give mixed results, so they are neutral. Wednesday is the most favourable day for them.



Favorable Time

Favourable time According to western theory, the Sun remains in Gemini and Virgo from 22nd May to 21 st June and from 24th August to 23rd September whereas it remains in the said signs from 15th June to 15th July and from 17th September to 16th October according to Indian theory. Gemini is the sign of Mercury and Virgo is exaltation sign. Therefore, the periods of the said months are favourable for the natives having 5 as radical number to start a new or important venture.


Unfavorable Time

Unfavourable Time Months of May, September and December are not favourable for these natives to start a new job. They will have hurdles and their health will deteriorate during these months. Besides, laziness will grow in them and unwanted troubles will crop up. Therefore, they will have to be careful during these months.


Favorable Day

Favourable Days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are favourable for them to start their job or business. The days will prove to be more favourable, if the favourable dates fall on them.


Auspicious Dates

Favourable Dates The 3rd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 18th, 21 st, 23rd, 27th and 30th days of a calendar month are favourable for the natives having 5 as their radical number. They can start a new and important project on any of these days. They can go to see an official or important person and can write letters as well.


Inauspicious Dates

Unfavourable Dates They should not undertake a new business or important job on 2nd, 4th, 11 th, 13th, 20th, 22nd, 29th and 31 st days of a calendar month since they are not favourable for them. They should not even write letters on these days.



Partnership / Friendship The natives should make their friends the people born on 3rd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 27th or 30th day of a month or born in 15th June to 15th July and 17th September to 16th October. They will prove good friends and will help the natives in their job or business.



Marriage / Love Affairs A woman having 3,5 or 9 as her radical number and born on 3rd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 18th, 21 st, 23rd, 27th or 30th day of a month may prove a good life partner to a native of this category. The relation between the two would be sweet.


Favorable Colors

Favourable Colours Dull yellow and white are the lucky colours for these natives. These colours are favourable for their health. If possible, the natives should always keep a handkerchief of any of these colours with them. They should also keep the upholstery of their house of these colours.



Vehicle, Journey, Hotel If they buy a vehicle, they should prefer number for its registration that matches their radical and friendly numbers. The radical number of these people is 5 and the friendly number are 3 and 9. So, the number 5234 is favourable for the registration of their vehicle, which makes , the sum total. If on travel, they should choose a room in a hotel number of which matches their radical number. A room bearing number 104 will prove auspicious for them as it makes 5, the sum total, which is their radical number.



Vaastu and Residence North is the suitable direction for these people. They should keep their drawing room in this direction. Furniture , upholstery etc. in the house should be of dull yellow and dazzling white colours. These colours will give the good results.



Health and Ailments They may suffer from skin diseases, weakness in nervous system, mental agony and physical weakness etc. they should worship Lord Vishnu and go on fast on the day of poornima and offer banana to the deities.



Profession They should opt for the job of a salesman, astrologer, postman, railway engineer, editor, tobacco dealer, writer, journalist, translator, bookseller, librarian, inventor, Munim etc. they can join telecommunication department, insurance department etc. Banking, preparing budget are also beneficial for them. They can choose the job related to communication, tourism etc. they can join department of archaeology also.



Favourable gems Emerald is the most favourable gem for these people. If is not available, semi-jewels like Margaz, Onex and green peridot should be worn. A piece of 3 to 6 rattis of any of these jewels sgould be worn in gold or silver ring on the little finger of right hand on Wednesday in shuklapaksha in a way that it touches the body. 

Herbs to be put on A piece of one inch of the root of Vidhara rolled up in green thread should be worn on the right hand. It can be worn on the neck in a talisman of gold or silver. This will weaken the malefic effects of Mercury and will enhance its benignity. 

Herbal bath It will be favourable for these people to have bath on every Wednesday with a bucket of water poured there in mixture of myrobalan (Bahere) fruit, Gomay, rice, Gorochan, gold, Amala fruits and honey. This will save them from different diseases. This will enhance the brightness of their skin. This will weaken the malefic effects of Murcury and will enhance its banefic qualities and the natives will get favourable results. The herbal bath save them from the malefic effects of all the planets. For this, they should have bath of Kuttha, Khilla, Kaangni, mustard, bark of pine tree, turmeric, Loadh etc. poured in the water taken out from river near a sacred place. This will make them prosper. 

Things to be offered Things like bronze, ivory, green cloth, coral, emerald, gold, camphor, fruits, food having six different tastes, ghee, flowers etc. should be offered to a deserving person to weaken the malefic effects of Mercury.

Favourable DeitiesPeople having 5 as their radical number should worship Mercury. They should worship Lakshmi Narayan also. The Chaturdashakshari Mantra of Lakshmi Narayan ‘ Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Lakshmi Vaasudevaaya Namah’ should be repeated every day, at least one hundred and eight times. The native should listen to Satyanarayan Katha on the day of Poornimaa, which will save them from diffirent diseases and problems. If this is not possible, then should pray the picture of Lakshmi Narayan.

Fast (Vratopavas)The natives should keep fast on Wednesday to ward off the Arisht Dosh of Mercury. They should wear apparels of green colour and offer green things. They should offer leaves of Tulasi and to the deities and eat them too. They should repeat the Mantra of Budh on an emerald or Maragaz rosary.

Gayatri MantraTo enhance the benefic effects of Mercury, the natives should repeat the Budha Gayatri Mantra for eleven, twenty- one or one hundred and eight times every morning after having bath. The Mantra is: Om Saumya Roopaaya Vidmahe Baaneshaaya Dheemahi Tannauh Saumya Prachodayaat.The natives should contemplate Mercury and chant the following Mantra: Priyangukalikaashyaamam Roopenaampratimam Budham. Saumyam Saumyagunopetam Tam Budham Pranamaamyaham.

Grah Mantra The Budha Mantra should be repeated reverentially to make Mercury favourable. This should be repeated at least one hundred and eight times on a rosary of one hundred and eight beads to get desired result. One hundred and thirty rosary Jap is essential to complete the Anushthan. The Mantra is: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaaya NamahNumber of Japs: 9000

Grah Yantra To make Mercury favourable the Surya Yantra should be cast on a piece of Bhojapatra with Ashtagandha ink (Saffron, Comphor, Agar, Tagar, Musk, Ambar, Gorochan and Rakt or Shwet Chandan) and then the natives should wear it in a gold or copper talisman in a gold chain or red thread in the morning on a Sunday in Shuklapaksha. The talisman should be worshipped with Dhoop-Deep before being worn.



Yantra for Mahalaxmi PraptiUse This Yantra in Bhoj Patra, Using Ashat Gand Ink with Pomegranate Wood Pen on Full Moon, and keep in your Locker or in Purse. You can enquire 4Remedy team also for same


Rudraksha or Gem Stone 

For all these health problems , We suggest that you must wear 11 & 12 Face  Rudraksha Bead in silver pendal on Monday morning by
Abhimantrit Rudraksha in subh Chogadiya. Wear Ruby Stone 6 Ct. in Silver Pendal on Sunday Morning with proper Abhisheka.  



For any kind of Problems you can take personal appointment and take healing directly from Dr Praveen Guruji without any cost. Use Navgraha Kund minimum 27 Days Regularly, in centre of your home. 
Sun Pujan

    deterioration of name and fame

    loss of high position

    loss of job/career

    lack of confidence

    heart problems

    blood pressure

    skin diseases



Surya Graha Remedies

The following are the best surya graha remedies apart from general remedies according to 4Remedy:

    Surya graha shanti puja

    Powerised Siddha yantra puja of surya graha

    Powerised Suraksha kavach dharanam of surya graha

    Powerised herbs poojan of surya graha

    Powerised spiritual art of surya graha is to be kept