Over View Description of Your Personalised Report (B)

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Over View Description of Your Personalised Report

Moon is the lord of your chart . You have much influence of Moon over them, so they happen to be imaginative, art loving and bounded by love. They possess a fine imaginative faculty, but physically they are weak. They have a fine wisdom. They are very much dexterous. They prove to be always ahead of others. They face many ups and downs and keep changing their stands and plans.


These people lack patience and diligence. This makes them suffer, hence they can not accomplish some of their jobs on time. They lack self confidence which frustrates at times. They very often prove to be unsuccessful in their jobs. They may emerge successful, if they have control over their sentiments and thinking.


They possess a high status in the society they live in. They prove to be popular among the people and make their status in the society by their own labour. They may suffer from eye, stomach and urinary problems, mental depression and diseases caused due to cold . At times they may suffer from water borne diseases and headache as well.


These people do note have a firm character, but they are very much simple. They possess the womanly attributes of the Sun, so they may be good firends. They are corteous and well-behaved, imaginative, art loving and romantic. They possess an instinct of a researcher, but they do not apply what they think in their life. Mentally they are strong, physically they are weaker. They should avoid unsteadiness in their thinking and plannings and lack of self-confidence as well. These people are very much sensitive. They become frustrated and despondent if the atmosphere they live in does not prove to be congenial to them. They are merry-making, tactful in their dealings and they enjoy all the worldly pleasures and luxuries. They keep rising, inventing new ways that may be useful for all. They possess strong mental faculty. They are prosperous and renowned allover. They treat others to be their own and possess attractive personality. They are sweet spoken and they own a fine instinct. They have the ability to read people before them. They are also able to reply their questions tactfully.


Their womanly quality can be seen in their manner of speech, conduct, gestures, living standard and all the other activities. They like to stay away from their home and always remain imaginative. They love beauty much. Travelling, recreating, gardening, making artistic things etc. are their hobbies. Even strangers become their friends.


The 2nd, 11 th, 20th or 29th date is important for you. These dates help them accomplish many of their jobs. Monday, Friday and Sunday are favourable for them. These days become more favourable if the dates stated fallon them. February, April, August and November are very influential for these people and months from 16th July to 16th August and from 21 st April to 21 May prove to be favourable.


Important years-2th,11th,20th,29th,38th.47th.56th.65th.74th under the influence of Radical number; 7th, 16th,25th,34th,43th,52th,61 th,70th and 9th,18th,27th,36th,4 5th,54th,63th,72th,81th influenced by Mitrank. All the important events take place during these years.


Some major events take place in their life during the year the sum total of whichis 2,7,9. These years are-2009, 2018, 2027,2036,2045,2054,2063,2072,2081 all influenced by Radical number 2, 2005, 2014, 2023, 2032, 2041, 2050, 2059, 2068, 2077 all under the influence of Mitrank 7 and 2007,2016, 2025,2034, 2043, 2052, 2061,2070 and 2079 influenced by Mitrank 9


Numbers 7 and 9 are the friends of the people. Therefore numbers 2,7 and 9 are very much important that cause many major events in their life. Number 1 ,3,4,and 6 are neutral i.e. neither favourable nor unfavourable whereas 5 and 8 are their enemies. Also the date, month and year related to the Finding out the Radical Number friendly, inimical and neutral numbers shower their effects.


1,2,4, and 7 are the friends of your's. People born on any date in between 20th June to 27th July may prove to be their good friends as the Sun transits over Cancer these days. Those born on any date in between 21 st April to 21 st May may also prove to be their good friends as the Sun transits over Taurus these days, which is the exaltation sign of the Moon. Sunday, Monday and Friday are benefic for them. Friday is favourable because Taurus, the exaltation sign of Moon, is its lord. The 2nd, 25th, 28th and 31 st dates prove to be useful.


Green is the lucky colour of these people. Green and white colours are also lucky. They should avoid deep colours like black, violet and red. In gems-Pearl, Moonstone and topaz are lucky for them. They should wear Haritmani in such a way that this touches the body.


Favorable Time


According to western theory, the Sun transits over cancer from 22nd June to 23rd July whereas it transits over the same from 16 July to 16 August according to Indian theory. Again, it transits over Taurus from 21 st April to 21 st May according to western theory, but according to Indian theory it transits over the same from 13th May to 14th June. Cancer is the sign of Moon and Taurus is its exaltation sign. Therefore, the periods said above prove to be favourable from every point of view for You. They rise in every occupation during the periods and achieve their desired results.


Unfavorable Time


Unfavourable Time The Sun transits over Leo from 17th August to 16th September and from 14th November to 14th December over Scorpio. This period will prove infavourable for the natives since Scorpio is the debilitation sign for the Moon.


Favorable Day


Favourable Days Monday, Friday and Sunday are favourable for these people to start a new venture. These days may prove to be more auspicious if the date of their radical number falls on them.


Auspicious Dates


Favourable Dates The natives of this category may choose the 2nd, 7th, 9th, 11 th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th or 29th day of a month to start a new venture or business, to go to see somebody with some special purpose or to write some important letters. The dates may prove to be more favourable, if the favourable days fallon them.


Inauspicious Dates


Unfavourable Dates The natives should avoid 5th, 8th, 14th, 17th, 23rd or 26th of a calendar month since these are unfavourable for them.




Partnership / Friendship Before making somebody their friend, these people should see that the date of birth of the man falls on 2nd, 7th, 9th, 11 th, 16th, 18th or 20th, 25th, 27th and 29th day of a calendar month or on a day in between 13th May and 14th June or 16th July to 16th August. People born on any of these days will be helpful to them.




Marriage / Love affairs Women having number 2, 7, or 9 as their radical number may prove to be good companions, so the natives of this category should make these women their friends. Besides, friendship with women born on 2nd, 7th, 9th, 11 th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th or 29th or on a day in between 13th May and 14th June or 16th July to 16th August will prove to be favourable to them.


Favorable Colors


Favourable Colours The natives should choose apparels of white, camphor, green and grape colours to wear. This will help them achieve their desired goals. If possible, they can choose the upholstery of their house of the said colours. They should keep a handkerchief of any of these colours, which will help them to a great deal.




Vehicle, Journey, Hotel If they buy a vehicle, they should choose numbers for registration that match with their radical number and the friendly number of it. Numbers 2, 7 and 9 will be auspicious for them .These number will prove auspicious for the registration of their vehicles. For example, the registration number of a vehicle is 5231 will make 2 as its sum total, which is the radical number of these people. They should go on travel in a vehicle having these numbers, which will make their journey happy. If they book a hotel, they should prefer these numbers. For example, number 101, which makes 2, the radical number.




Vaastu and Residence Vayavya Kone or North - west will be auspicious for these people. It is favourable to reside in a Vayavya kone. A house having number 2, 7 or 9 as the sum total of its number will be comfortable.




Health and Diseases They may suffer from weakness, heart diseases, weakness in nervous system, constipation, problems caused by some accident etc. Shiva Upasana will help them save themselves from diseases and ailments, unfavorable time, distress and affliction




Profession Business of oil, cattle, sugar, food grains, milk, curd, ghee, paper, agricultural items , medicines, property dealing, gems like pearl, ruby etc. will be useful for these people. In service, they should try for a high post. They can also adopt the job of a travel agent. Besides, they can choose the field of music, acting dance etc. as their profession.




Favourable gems Pearl of 5 rattis is the most favourable gem for these people. If this is not affordable, they should wear moon stone, Chandramani or Dudhiya Hakik on a Monday morning in Chaughariya Muhurt on the little finger of their right hand. 

Herbs to wear A piece of one inch of Khirani root swaddled in a piece of white wool thread should be put on right hand. This can be worn in a talisman of silver or nicked also. This will weaken the malefic effects of the Moon and will enhance its benefic attributes. 

Herbal bath People having number 1 as their radical or lucky number, should pour a mixture of Panchagavya and powder of silver, pearl, conch, aster, shell and lily into a bucket of water and have bath with it on every Monday. This will save them from different diseases and enhance the brightness of their skin. The malefic effects of the Moon will get pacified. The herbal bath saves them from the malefic effects of all the planets. For this, they should have bath of Kuttha, Khilla, Kaangni, mustard, bark of pine tree, turmeric, Loadh etc. poured in the water taken out from a river near a scared place. This will make them prosper. 

Things to be offered They should offer rice, camphor, white piece of cloth, silver, conch, Vanshpaatra, white sandalwood, white flowers, sugar, curd, a piece of pearl etc. to a deserving person to save themselves from the malefic effects of the Moon.

Favourable DeitiesPeople if this category should worship Moon or lord Shiva. The Panchakshari Mantra of lord Shiva Om Namah Shivaaya should be chanted everyday. The natives should offer twenty-one or one hundred and eight leaves of wood-apple (Bilvapatra) to lord Shiva to save themselves from different diseases and hurdles. If they can not do it, they should pray to a picture of lord Shiva everyday in the morning.

Fast (Vratopavas)The natives should keep fast (Vrat) on a Monday when the Chitra Nakshatra is going on. This Vrat should be kept on fifty-four or at least on sevenMondays. On this day, white cloth should be worn and white things should be offered. Chandra Mantra should also be chanted on a rosary of pearl.

Gayatri MantraThe natives should repeat reverentially the Chandra Gayatri Mantra early in the morning after having bath. The Mantra should be repeated eleven, twenty one or one hundred and eight times. The Mantra is:Om Amritaangaaya Vidmahe Kalaa-Roopaaya Dheemahi Tannah Saamah Praachodyaat

Mantra for MeditationThe natives should contemptate the Moon early in the morning and repeat the following Mantra reverentially: Dadhi Shankh Tushaaraaham, Ksheerodaarnav Sambhavam Namaami Shashinam Saamam Shambhomukutbushanam.

Grah MantraThe Chandra Mantra should be repeated reverentially to make Moon Favourable. This should be repeated at least one hundred and eight times on a rosary of one hundred and eight beads to get desired result. One hundred and thirty rosary Jap is essential to complete the Anushthsan. The Mantra is: Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandramase NamahNumber of Japs: 13000

Grah Yantra To make Moon favourable the Yantra should be cast on a piece of Bhojapatra with Ashtagandha ink (Saffron, Comphor, Agar, Tagar, Musk, Ambar, Gorochan and Rakt or Shwet Chandan) and then the natives should wear it in a silver talisman in a silver chain or red thread in the morning on a Monday in Shuklapaksha. The talisman should be worshipped with Dhoop – Deep before being worn.



Use This Yantra in Bhoj Patra, Using Ashat Gand Ink with Pomegranate Wood Pen on Full Moon, and keep in your Locker or in Purse. You can enquire 4Remedy team also for same

Rudraksha or Gem Stone 

For all these health problems , We suggest that you must wear 12 Face  Rudraksha Bead in silver pendal on Monday morning by
Abhimantrit Rudraksha in subh Chogadiya. Wear Pearl Stone 11 Ct. in Silver Pendal on Sunday Morning with proper Abhisheka.  


For any kind of Problems you can take personal appointment and take healing directly from Dr Praveen Guruji without any cost. Use Navgraha Kund minimum 27 Days Regularly, in centre of your home. 
Brihaspati Graha Pujan

The following are the best brihaspati graha remedies apart from general remedies according to 4Remedy:

  • Brihaspati graha shanti puja
  • Powerised Siddha yantra puja of brihaspati graha
  • Powerised Suraksha kavach dharanam of brihaspati graha
  • Powerised herbs poojan of brihaspati graha
  • Powerised spiritual art of brihaspati graha is to be kept
  • Brihaspati graha shanti tantrik puja

Brihaspati(jupiter) graha shanti puja is suggested and conducted by 4Remedy to reduce the malefic or retrograde effects of brihaspati and enhance the benefits of the jupiter planet. Its pooja is done to act as a shield to malefic effects of brihaspati(jupiter). Pooja of this acts as remedy from physical illness, good education, improves health, wealth, and longevity of life. Expenses for 4Remedy Brihaspati graha shanti tantrik puja Rs 15000.

Brihaspati graha tantrik puja benefits

Tantrik brihaspati graha shanti puja is very effective in the following:

To promote financial prosperity and stability.

To obtain power/immovable property.

To accerlerate/smooth functioning of business.

For overall materialistic and spritual development.

To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Jupiter.

For excellent results and higher education of students

To eradicate the malefic effects of jupiter(braspati) we should do shraadh or pitrapaksh pooja on every Amavasya and also in the shraadh days in the month of Ashwin to get benefit to the greatest possible degree.